Airbag Recall Info from Elk Grove Honda

A Message to Our Customers About Takata Airbags 10/28/2014 Revised: 11/06/2014

Honda is committed to addressing the needs and concerns of our customers and making clear that we stand behind the safety and quality of our products. We want to reassure our customers that Honda has an ongoing customer service procedure that addresses each customer's needs and concerns.

For customers concerned about the issue of Takata airbags in certain Honda and Acura vehicles, our customer service will make arrangements for, as appropriate, the replacement of airbag inflators and the provision of or reimbursement for temporary alternative transportation.

For anyone who owns one of our vehicles and is concerned, we encourage them to visit or call 1-800-999-1009, option 4, and or call 1-800-382-2238, option 4.

We encourage customers with an affected vehicle to take immediate action to have their vehicle serviced at Elk Grove Honda.

The subject vehicles are equipped with front passenger air bag assemblies.  When located in areas with consistently high absolute humidity, the front passenger air bag inflator could be susceptible to rupture and the front passenger air bag could deploy abnormally in a crash, increasing the risk of injury to the occupant. The cause of the potential ruptured inflators and influence of high absolute humidity are under investigation.

Covered Vehicles
2001-07 Accord
2001-05 Civic
2001-05 Civic GX
2003-05 Civic Hybrid
2002-06 CR-V
2002-04 Odyssey
2003-07 Pilot
2006 Ridgeline


What is the inflator?
The inflator is a device contained within the airbag assembly.  It contains a solid propellant wafer which is ignited in the event air bag deployment is necessary.  When ignited, the wafer expands into an inert gas, inflating the air bag.

What is the cause of this condition?
The cause of the potential ruptured inflators and influence of high absolute humidity are under investigation.

What is absolute humidity?
The measure of water vapor content in the air is known as absolute humidity, and it is displayed in grams of water vapor per cubic meter of air.  Higher temperature, southern coastal climates consistently experience the greatest concentrations of water vapor in the air, as warmer ambient air can hold more water.

How is humidity related to the condition?
The specific relationship of humidity to the operation of the inflator and the cause of improper air bag inflator performance and rupture is still under investigation.