According to what we hear from visitors of our Elk Grove, CA Elk Grove Honda, tech features are among some of the most important. Fortunately, the Honda Fit delivers, boasting on-trend tech features in spades. Here are two of many worth noting.

Wired Audio Interface

A wired audio interface seems old school, but it's actually of the moment. The Honda Fit interfaces with compatible devices via USB, connecting your tablet, smartphone, or laptop directly to the Honda Fit's 7-inch Audio Display touchscreen and to the Honda Fit's dynamic six-speaker system. Enjoy audiobooks, podcasts, playlists, or enhanced movie soundtracks as you dash in and out of Sacramento, CA.

Smart Keyless Entry

Thanks to the Honda Fit's Smart Entry feature, you can open the Honda Fit's doors by grabbing a door handle while the fob is in your pocket. When you exit your Honda Fit and close the doors, the same integration with the fob automatically locks the Honda Fit's doors as you walk away.

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