It looks as graceful as a bird and flies like a plane, but the Honda Ridgeline is 100-percent tough adventure truck. It goes from Elk Grove streets to rugged, off-road scenarios without missing a single beat. How? It's all in the details. Our Elk Grove Honda team highlights two such details for your info.

Optimal Rear End Clearance

Higher clearance makes it that much easier for your ride to sail over obstructions on uneven terrain. The Honda Ridgeline's newly redesigned rear end boasts a higher bumper for improved ground clearance. This complements a slightly lowered, streamlined front end and a carbon-fiber-design grille, resulting in reduced drag coefficient, improved aerodynamics, faster acceleration and better fuel economy.

Exterior LED Lights

LED is the new norm in automotive lighting, and with good reason. It emits more lumens per second than halogen, requires less electricity and lasts longer. The Honda Ridgeline benefits from LED taillights, fog lights, Daytime Running Lights and headlights. The LED headlights have an auto on/off feature, so they switch between low and high beams automatically as needed.


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