The Honda HR-V tech features excel in the overlapping categories of entertainment, safety and comfort. That's why our Elk Grove Honda team loves the entire suite of features. Take the following for example.

Lifesaving Gridlines

Who loves to back into or out of tight parking spaces? We understand. Luckily, the Honda HR-V has a Multi-Angle Rearview Camera to help you back up more carefully, accurately and safely. The camera feeds a crisp image of what's behind you to an in-dash audio touchscreen. The image comes with gridlines to help you align yourself with a trailer or to simply maintain the straightest trajectory. The camera provides three choices of angles:

  • Normal
  • Wide
  • Top-Down

Stay in the Green

Two USB ports and a power outlet inside the Honda HR-V cabin make it easy to keep your devices and gadgets juiced. Power up during the morning commute into Elk Grove or during weekend trips to adventure destinations. The outlet comes with its own durable cover that protects it from ingress of debris or the elements between uses.



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