Some so-called midsize SUVs out there have a little bit too much form and too few functions. The popular midsize vehicle called the 2019 Honda Passport does an excellent job of blending both function and form. To this end, this off-road friendly vehicle offers prospective operators a wide variety of stock and accessory upgrades that can give them that vital edge.

In addition to using powerful main headlights, the 2019 Honda Passport also brings to bear LED fog headlights. These specialized tools are good news on off-road trails when the fog is thick. They also do a good job of accenting the stylish yet tough black grill system.

The 2019 Honda Passport is also well known for its healthy hauling and towing capacities. The four-wheel-drive versions have no problem hauling 5,000-lbs of freight, and at the same time offer especially enterprising drivers the extra luxury of roof rails. These nature ready roof rails allow families or workers to add yet another 165-lbs into the mix.



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