Today's vehicles are typically equipped with disc brakes. The wheels are connected to brake rotors that turn with the wheel. Brake calipers apply pressure to the rotors when the brakes are applied. A brake pad lies between the rotor and the caliper to reduce the level of friction from metal on metal. Over time, the pads need replacing. When a driver applies the brakes, they may hear a screeching sound, or the vehicle pulls to one sign. These are indications that the pads are worn.

The type of replacement brake pads needed depends on the specific vehicle. Ceramic pads are manufactured for heavier vehicles that include pickups and SUVs. Semi-metallic pads are often used for conventional cars. The specialized pads are created to reduce noise levels and prevent dust contamination.

An automotive technician at our Elk Grove, CA Elk Grove Honda is more than capable to assist vehicle owners with brake pad choices and replacement.

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