All tires that are designed for vehicles require frequent maintenance and inspections. If you maintain every wheel, you'll avoid sudden problems that can impact speed, grip, and handling on the road. This guide has helpful information about treads and tire pressure.

Each tire must have the correct pressure. When a tire has inflation problems, different performance issue may develop. For example, if you put too much air in your tires, weight distribution conditions will suffer. This means that your automobile will put a lot of pressure on a small portion of each tire instead of the whole tread. If a tire doesn't have enough air, its base will be soft, and the edges along the seams will work harder until the inflation problem is corrected. You can avoid these issues by running tests with a tire pressure gauge. If you don't know the correct pressure level for your tires, review the maintenance section in the vehicle owner's manual.

In Elk Grove, CA, professional tire maintenance services are available at Elk Grove Honda. We tackle routines that involve tire pressure, wheel rotation, and treads.

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