Vehicles contain a filtration system that keeps particles from entering the cabin and engine. When the filters clog, clean air can no longer pass through, which leads to contaminated cabin air or engine damage. When having the vehicle's oil changed at our Elk Grove, CA Elk Grove Honda garage, technicians regularly check the filters for possible replacement.

A vehicle's cabin air filter prevents dust, pollen and other types of small particles from entering the HVAC system and into the area occupied by the driver and passengers. If not working at optimal levels, occupants are susceptible to allergic reactions or other respiratory problems.

The carburetor or injection system combines air and fuel in the engine's cylinders in the appropriate levels to allow combustion in order for the pistons to function. If a clogged air filter allows contaminants to pass through, the engine's valves become susceptible to damage. A reduction of airflow may also reduce the amount of fuel used, which also impedes engine function.

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