We at Elk Grove Honda think that every vehicle owner should be aware of the basic components of their vehicle. This is so that the owner can maintain their car and be able to address issues promptly.

A key part in the construction of any vehicle is its suspension system. It is a system of shocks and struts that absorb impacts and shocks while you are on the road. Impacts and shocks can result from things like potholes and debris on the ground. Shocks and struts look like giant springs, and they absorb the shocks and bumps that would otherwise cause discomfort inside the car.

The suspension system can wear down over time and may need to be replaced. They can also be damaged by severe impacts such as crashes, hitting curbs, and going over potholes repeatedly. Inspections should be done if drivers experience large amounts of shocks or discomfort when driving. It can be a sign that the suspension system has an issue.



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