Active Safety Technology Prevents Accidents With Bicyclists

Drivers and bicyclists in Elk Grove, CA should ideally share local roads in harmony. Unfortunately, heavy traffic jams and poor visibility significantly increase the risks of collisions involving both parties. Elk Grove Honda may have some new vehicles with cutting-edge safety technologies that scan the road for bicycles and other moving targets.

Some of the latest luxury sedans in North America are available with forward-facing optical systems and other sensors that identify bicyclists in designated lanes or on roads that are clearly marked for vehicles. The high-resolution images from the cameras are usually sent to the touch screen of an infotainment system. The driver will also receive flashing visual alerts in the instrument cluster.

Some high-end cars also boast technologies that minimize collisions between exiting pedestrians and bicyclists that creep up from behind at fast speeds. For instance, the Safe Exit Assist is a signature amenity that cuts the risks of such unfortunate situations.

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